Free shipping- KF94 10PCS/20PCS 4 Protective Layer 3D Filter Adult Face Mask (Made in Korea)

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  • KF (Korea Filter) is a performance standard of disposable mask approved by the KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration). The '94' represents the fine particles filtration efficiency at 94%.
  • KF94s have an adjustable bridge that can be manipulated to get a secure fit over the bridge of your nose. They also have side flaps to contour to your face. These help close the gaps around the face and limit unfiltered air entry.
  • Stylish ergonomic design that is convenient, comfortable to wear.
  • It's elastic ear loop makes it easy to wear and fits your face well.
  • KF94 mask protects the respiratory system from particulate harmful substances, micro dust and source of infection such as virus, yellow dust and fine dust.
  • 4-ply structure: This KF94 mask has 4 layer of protection, including non-woven inner layer and outer protective shell layer, air filter and melt blown filter
  • 3 tier foldable, 3-D design: Easy to carry that does not compromise in comfort, and provide ample breathing space
  • Comfortable, Adjustable and Supportive: High adhesion nose clip & high elasticity ear band
  • Allergy aware: Hypoallergenic Mask
  • Premium Protection: Helps to protect from harmful substances, UV damage
  • There are 5 sheets in each pack that comes with resealable zip, making it easy and convenient to carry around.
  • This listing include 10 masks.
  • Brand new inside resealable zip package.

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