Professional Finger Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Heart Rate Monitor

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Patient Range: Adult and Pediatrics
SpO2 : 
              Measurement range: 70% - 100%
              Resolution: ±1%
              Measurement accuracy: 80% - 99%: ±2% | 70% - 79%: ±3% | ≤69%: No definition
* Pulse Rate: 
                      Measurement range: 30 - 250bpm
                      Resolution: ±1bpm
                      Measurement accuracy: 30 - 99bpm: ±2bpm | 100 - 250bpm: ±2%
* Display:
                 Type: Digital OLED and LED Display
                 Parameters: SpO2, PR, Pulse bar, Waveform
                 Mode: 4 display orientations (Press power button for switch display direction)
Alarm:  Battery-low indicator
Mechanical - Dimension: 60mm(L)x32mm(W)x30mm(H),Weight: 60g(No including batteries)
Battery(No including) - Two AAA 1.5V, 600mAh alkaline batteries could be continuously operated as long as 24 hours.
                            Operation Temperature: 5°C - 40°C
                            Storage Temperature: -20°C- 55°C
                            Operation Humidity: ≤80%, no condensation
                            Storage Humidity: ≤93%, no condensation
                            Atmosphere pressure: 86kPa - 106kPa
Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion Condition :
Required the test equipment (BIO-TEK INDEX Pulse Oximeter tester) the pulse wave is available without failure when the simulation pulse wave amplitude is at 0.6%.
Interference Resistance Capacity against Ambient Light :
Device works normally when mixed noise produced by BIO-TEK INDEX Pulse Oximeter tester.

Package include:
1x Finger Pulse Oximeter
1x Manual

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