4pcs/Set Vinyl Cute Lovely Mummy Baby Squeaky Ducks Bath Toy

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  • Classic bathing toys are never obsolete, and are indispensable for babies.
  • A lovely duck: the mother duck with three ducks,equipped with a small ring, can swim in the water.
  • Every duck is equipped with a BB device on the abdomen. 
  • It will sound when the duck is pinched by hand and will attract the attention of the baby.
  • When the baby baths and play the water, the toy can be put into the water. 
  • The toy will float on it as the water moves and moves, it seems to swim. 
  • It will definitely let your baby love the ducks.
  • If the baby uses a small hand to catch the duck, it will also make a loud voice, the baby must be very happy. 
  • It is an indispensable toy for the baby's healthy growth stage.


  • Product material: Vinyl 
  • Product net weight: 63g
  • Product gross weight: 65g
  • Packing: net bag
  • Product size: 130*90*75mm/5.12*3.54*2.95"
  • Package size: 130*90*75mm/5.12*3.54*2.95"

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