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This repair kit contains leather dyes to recolor or repair faded and worn spots on leather materials. You can perform permanent and perfectly mixed repairs in this kit.
A wide range of applications: including car and ship interiors, artificial leather, car seats, boat seats, furniture, luggage, jackets, pants, shoes, carpets, sofas, sofas, etc.
A variety of colors and textures, including black, white, yellow, red, blue, etc.

In order to help you achieve a good complementary color and renovation effect, we hereby remind the following points that need to be paid attention to during operation, please read carefully! ! !
1. This product is for personal use only and is only suitable for smooth leather operations.
2. A certain amount of hands-on ability and toning ability is required.
3. Each step must be completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
4. The area around the leather must be clean to ensure that the surface is free of oil stains and dull luster. 5. The concave part must be repaired and smoothed.
6. The wound ointment is an elastic soft glue, which needs to be air-dried before proceeding to the next operation. The repair cream needs to be air-dried and filled several times.
7. Please air-dry before coloring to test the color.
8. Before operation, you can simulate the operation of the currently attached leather.

The package includes:
7 pieces x heat curing repair compound
1pc x Repair Cream
1 piece x vinyl sticker
1 piece x fabric backing
1 sheet of x textured paper
1 piece x convenient vinyl sheet
1pc x mixing spatula
1pc x empty mixing cup
1pc x heat transfer tool
1pc x instruction guide

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