Free shipping-10CM/ 20CM/ 30CM LED Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Closet Lights USB Rechargeable Light Strips Lamp

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Size: 10CM
Color: WHITE
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  • LED induction light, no switch needed, induction is on    
  • Built-in magnet and 3M Adhesive tape, easy to install and can be used anywhere       
  • 3M sensing, large sensing range        
  • USB charging, plug and play        
  • PIR sensing technology, it will automatically light up or light off when body enter or leave the sensing area       

Specification :   

  • Material: Aluminum alloy        
  • Type: LED Night Light        
  • Lighting Technology: LED        
  • Application: Kid's Room, Living Room, Staircase, Pathway, etc.        
  • Light Colour: Yellow        
  • Switch type: Push-button        
  • Voltage: 5V        
  • Volume: 110/210/310 x 19 x 17mm
  • Sensing range and angle:120degrees 3m        
  • Power Source: USB charging            

Package Including:       

  • 1x Motion Sensor Closet Lights        
  • 2x Magnet Piece        
  • 1x USB Charging Cable       

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