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This isn't just a watt meter-it's the All-In-One Meter! A power meter, a volt meter, an amp-hour meter, ammeter and energy meter. Everything all in one unit! This is the perfect troubleshooting tool. This all-in-one watt meter is indispensable for analyzing, testing and troubleshooting any DIY DC power project
Works on all 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 Volt Systems
This all range Amp / Watt meter is also a powerful data logger that keeps track of AH Wh Vh Vm, load time and more. It also works on all systems including all 4 to 60 volt systems with a full voltage range up to 60 volts. It can also handle 150 amps surge and operate at 75 amps continuous. Works on all wind turbines, solar panels and hydro systems up to 60 volt DC input. It can also work on AC three phase systems after the rectifier.
Also measures accumulated Amp Hours, Watt hours, Volt minutes and Watt production. Truly amazing to have so many features packed into this small meter.
  • Handles 4 to 60 volts. Works on 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt battery bank systems.
  • Extremely low power consumption of 7 mA. More efficient than any LED meter.
  • Digital LCD LIGHT UP screen gives clear crisp number readings. BACK LIT.
  • Handles up to 150 amps intermittently and 75 amps continuous duty (48 Volts)
  • Microprocessor controlled produces extremely precise and accurate readings.
  • Operates from 4.8v to 60v
  • Can measure down to 0v with optional auxiliary (great for stress-testing batteries)
  • Measures 0 to 150A with a resolution of 0.01A (50 Amp connectors for continuous – up to 150A for short peak bursts only)
  • Measures 0 to 60V with a resolution of 0.01V
  • Measures 0 to 6554W with a resolution of 0.01W
  • Measures 0 to 65Ah with a resolution of 0.001Ah
  • Blue back-lit 2.4" LCD display
  • Material: Rubber Paint
  • Dimensions: 85 x 42 x 25mm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Color: Black
These meters are easily plugged in, in-line, to measure:
  • Amp Hours (Ah) – Total charge Ah delivered from source to load
  • Amp Peak (Ap) – Highest amp value delivered (typically startup cycle for inverters, compressors, fridges etc)
  • Amp (A) – Amps being delivered at that point in time
  • Voltage – Source voltage, and minimum Source voltage. Good for measuring voltage at lowest point of charge (eg minimum overnight voltage of car fridge battery)
  • Power (Watts) – Peak watts, Watts being delivered at that point in time
The meter can be “turned around” to measure charge going back in to the battery during a charging cycle. In this instance, the charger (DCDC, Solar, Mains Battery Charger) is connected to Source, and the battery is connected to “Load”.
  • Charging Cycle Readings:
    • Amp Hours (Ah) – Total charge delivered to the battery
    • Amp Peak (Ap) – Highest charge delivered to the battery (Bulk charging)
    • Voltage – Point in time voltage from the Charger (charger is not over or under-charging)
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Watt Meter and Power Analyzer with 2 Anderson Plugs
  • 1 x English user manual

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