220Pcs Electrical Wire Nut Connectors Kit Spring Insert Twist Nuts Caps

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  • EASY TO USE - Muhize electrical nuts caps can help you to finish the wire connect process without tools faster and easier. It is a conical coiled metal spring or internal groove that is screwed onto the wire and holds them securely. No need any solder station & No need pliers, heat gun, thout soldering! No electrical tape needed!
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY - Color Coded Screw on twist nuts connectors provides a very low cost and quick solution for wiring project. CSA Listed. Muhize twist nuts caps connection saves time and effort.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION - MuHize color - coded assorted wire caps electrical kit commonly meets industry standard that can be used for everyday electrical wiring projects and applications. Perfect for automotive truck Trailer wire joint, etc
  • HEAVY DUTY - Wire connectors grab the wires firmly and make a solidconnection,Spring insert flame retardant housing with good insulation andminimum aging.

Package Include:

  • 50x Grey wire connectors: (22 - 20 AWG),
  • 50x Blue wire connectors: (20 - 18 AWG),
  • 50x Orange wire connectors: (18 - 16 AWG),
  • 18x Yellow wire connectors: (14 - 16 AWG),
  • 12x Red wire connectors: (14 - 12 AWG)


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