300pcs 304 Stainless Steel Assortment Kit Hexagon Socket Screw Grub Bolt Allen Head

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1. Must be vertical to the spools of thread are screwed, do not tilt;
2. In the screwing process, rotation force must be uniform, tightening
torque can not be more than safe torque;
3. Much as possible using torque wrench or socket wrench, avoid
the use of movable wrench or electric wrench;
4. Avoid use under the condition of high temperature, use don't fast
rotation, avoid rapid temperature rise and cause the lock.

Package Include:
300pcs Hexagon Socket Screw Set
M2.5*4 20pcs
M2.5*5 20pcs
M3*3 20pcs
M3*4 20pcs
M3*10 20pcs
M4*4 20pcs
M4*6 20pcs
M4*8 20pcs
M5*5 20pcs
M5*8 20pcs
M5*10 20pcs
M6*6 20pcs
M6*10 20pcs
M8*8 20pcs
M8*12 20pcs

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