300PCS Motherboard CD-ROM Hard Disk Repair Tool Computer PC Screws Kit with Case

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Material: metal(screws) + plastic (box)
It contains:
24x Main board brass standoffs screws (M3 x 6 + 6)
46x Main board fixed screws (M3 x 5)
48x Main board insulation gasket (red M3 x 8)
43x CD-ROM set screws (M3 x 4)
43x Hard drive screw (M3.5 x 5)
6x Chassis hand twist screws (silver M3.5 x 5)
6x Chassis hand twist screw (black M3.5 x 5)
24x Chassis high-strength screw (M3.5 x 6)
30x Chassis fan retaining screw (Nickel Plated M5 x 10)
30x Chassis fans red

Package included:
- 1 x set of computer screws(300pcs in title equal the qty 300x in pics, all store in a plastic box)

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