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This external retaining ring is used to secure parts on shafts into a machined groove. It features a durable steel construction for a long-lasting use. Install with pliers. External circlip use for appliance repairs, automotive work, toys, bearing ,gears, pulleys and various repair projects.


- Color: Black.
- Size: 17.50X10.00X2.20cm/6.88X3.93X0.86 inch.
- Material: Spring steel.
- The standard clamp hole of the snap ring can be snapped into the machined groove on the stud or other parts to allow rotation, but avoid lateral movement.
- The thick retaining ring can play the role of tightening and sealing, effectively preventing the bearing from moving.
- Snap spring kit is made of spring steel material,which is corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, and has a long service life.
- The surface is smooth, without any burrs. It is suitable for various fixed tasks in shops or homes.
- Comes with a transparent plastic box, which can help you arrange and organize the clip neatly according to the size, which is convenient for you to find and use.

Package Including
320 x Circlips

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