35mm Concealed Hinge Hole Jig Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Drill Bit Tool Set

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[Sturdy Material] Adopting hard alloy and carbon steel material, this concealed hinge hole jig is sturdy and can be used with standard 35mm concealed hinges.

[Adjustable Drill Bit] You can adjust the drill bit to make drilling easier and more accurate. This tool is suitable for professionals and non-professionals.

[Easy to Use] This product has a blue V locator, which is convenient for finding the position and quickly locating the center point. The reliable quality can be used for a long time.

[Perfect Size] Our product cutting diameter is 35mm and the round handle diameter is 8mm. Overall length is 78mm. Its design can ensure accurate drilling and improve your work efficiency.

[Widely Use] The package includes a 35mm hinge locator, a hex wrench, and a forstner bit. This concealed hinge jig kit is suitable for different kinds of drills and is convenient to use.

Material: Hard Alloy, Carbon Steel
Cutting diameter: 35mm
Round handle diameter: 8mm
Shank length: 27mm
Overall length: 78mm
Color: red

Package Include:
1x 35mm Hinge Locator
1x Hex Wrench
1x Forstner Bit

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