380pcs U-Shaped Copper Wire Crimps Terminal Cold Pressing Connectors

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Connect the cables ly without stripping and solde.
The various lug sizes meet your different requirements.
The product uses a high quality copper core. High hardness, easy to rust, wear and corrosion resistance. Good electrical conductivity and stable and reliable wi.
The KeeYees cable connectors are widely used in machinery, electricity, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, home appliances, computers or other automatic devices.
It can help you connect cables in cars, motorcycles, household appliances, computers and other areas
Especially perfect for wire connection in the field of electrician, home appliances and equipment switch.
Colour: gold
Material: copper
Package Contents:
100x TC-1 (0.5~1.5 mm2) copper button terminals
100x TC-T (0.5~1.5 mm2) copper button terminals
80x TC-A (1.5~3 mm2) copper button terminals
40x TC-B (6~10 mm2) copper button terminals
60x TC-C (3~6 mm2) copper button terminals

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