4pc pcs Socket Nut Drive Reducer Adapter 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" Converter Increaser

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*Size (Approx.):

1/2 "(square hole) - 3/8" (square head):12.5*9.5mm

3/8 "(square hole) - 1/4" (square head)9.5*6.3mm

3/8 "(square hole) - 1/2" (square head)9.5*12.5mm

1/4 "(square hole) - 3/8" (square head): 6.3*9.5mm

*The socket adapter is made of steel for durability and long life

*The surface of each plate is finished by electroplating and darkening, which guarantees corrosion resistance. Body adapter is designed with a ball retainer and a small hole to keep your sockets still and secure

*There are a total of four socket adapters of different sizes in this set and you can use for multiple outlets

*These adapters are small in size and easy to store; If you get a toolbox, this set should be the same

Package Contents: 

4*Socket Adapters

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