4Pcs Door Stoppers Stainless Steel Stops Wall Door Set with Screws Self Adhesive

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This door stopper adopts polishing and brushing process, which can protect your door from damage. It is made of stainless steel and rubber, easy to use and install. It offers adhesive tape installation and drilling hole installation method to meet different needs.


[Stainless Steel Material] Our door stopper is made of stainless steel and rubber top, with polished and brushed finish, which can blend in with any decor.

[Reduce Noise and Protect Wall] The rubber top of door stopper can effectively prevent damage to the wall and door panels from hitting the wall when closing the door with excessive force or wind.

[Easy to Use] This door stopper needs no bending down or using your feet to adjust the door stop position. The size is suitable for various occasions such as living room, office, school and so on.

[2 Installation Methods] There are 2 installation ways, which can be installed with hole-free adhesive tape or drilling holes. The punch-free adhesive tape is pasted with foam glue, convenient and fast to install. The punch-hole installation is a traditional installation with good load-bearing performance. Note: The adhesive-free installation requires cleaning the wall and keeping it dry. Press hard and wait for 24 hours for best results. It is recommended to use hole-punch installation in wet places such as bathrooms.

[Widely Uses] The package includes 4 door stoppers, 12 screws, 12 nuts, 4 iron discs, 4 foam film and 4 expansion screws. This kit is suitable for homes, schools or offices, including courtyards, hotels, residences, offices, dormitories and other places.

Easy to Install: This door stopper is easy to use and install, which is suitable for home, office, school, dorm and more. You can choose between punch-hole and punch-free installation methods.

Purpose: The door stopper is anti-collision and wall protection. It is ideal for room door, bedroom door, etc.

Product Name: Door Stoppers
Door stop size: 54×78×15mm
Door stop material: Stainless Steel + Rubber
Scope of application: room door, bedroom door, etc.
Applicable walls without drilling: glass, wooden walls, ceramic tiles, metal
Suitable walls for drilling: lime walls, wallpapers, white walls, cement walls
Color: As Shown

Package Includes:

4×Door Stoppers
4×Iron Discs
4×Foam Film
4×Expansion Screws

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