6Pack Nano Sparkle Cloth Car Scratch Repair Cloth Nano Magic Cloth For Car

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The car scratch cleaning cloth made of high-quality polyester fiber + high-quality decontamination formula, easily cleans the scratches on the surface of the car without hurting your hands.

Using nano-repair technology, it can effectively remove minor scratches and stains on the vehicle, repair and protect the paint surface, resist oxidation, and make your car look brand new.

Suitable for removing many kinds of scratches, such as nail scratches, branch scratches, sand scratches, watermarks, fine lines, stubborn stains, etc.

Easy to use: Just use this product to wipe the scratches or stains on the surface of the car after cleaning the car, no cumbersome operations are required. 

Kind tips

1. This product is only suitable for shallow scratches, not conducive to deep scratches.

2. Do not wash with water.

3. If there is too much dust or sand on the wipe cloth, please do not reuse it.


1. Clean the car first and wipe it clean.

2. Use Car Scratch Remover Cloth to wipe scratches or dirt.

3. Clean the surface with another cloth.

4. Back to its original flawless condition.


Storage method: store in a cool place

Shelf life: 3 years

Scope of application: scratch repair

Product size: 10*20cm

Packing Include:

6*Car Scratch Wipes

1* Packing Box

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