6PC Titanium HSS Wood Auger Set Long Wood Bits 3-8 MM Drill Bit

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1、Using high speed steel 4241, the surface of titanium plating process, in sharp at the same time, wear resistance is very high.
2、Six of the most commonly used sizes to meet your job needs. The drill set is suitable for most electric drills in the market, suitable for drilling and slotting, and used in wood, soft metal, thin aluminum plate, thin iron plate and other materials.
3、This product has sharp edge and high drilling efficiency. With the help of sharp serrations in the center of the product, the drill can continue to drill horizontally after drilling.
4.Since the torque and drilling speed of hand-held lithium battery hand drills are relatively low, the use effect may not be achieved. In order to give full play to the effect of the drill bit, please use a high torque and high drilling speed electric drill or bench drill.
5、Please pay attention to safety when using and take corresponding protective measures.
6、All dimension data are measured by hand, slight error is normal, please understand.


Function:Woodworking, Aluminum Alloy, Plastic Board Drilling And Cut Grooving

Product specifications: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 8mm

Structure: Saw&Drill

Function 1: Can be used as a drill

Function 2:Uused as a sawtooth groove

Function 3:Uused as a saw blade on the surface of wood

Package Include:

6Pcs drills Set (3mm+4mm+5mm+6mm+6.5mm+8mm) Serrated Drill Bits


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