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  • Material: Food grade Silicone - BPA Free
  • Temperature: -40F to +446F (-40c to +230c)
  • Size: 6 different sizes
  • Soft texture, tear resistant, natural and harmless, non-toxic, odourless, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.
  • To reuse, simply wash with soap and water and reuse! No more plastic cling wrap!
  • High and low-temperature resistance, can be used in refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens.
  • Due to the excellent elasticity of the silicone, the internal negative pressure is naturally formed when the container is covered, and the internal and external gas flow is completely isolated. The sealing performance is unmatched.
  • Used in the refrigerator to cover bowls, pots, pots, etc., foods will not absorb odours due to being completely cut off from the air, achieving the best preservation effect.
  • Package: 1 set(6pcs) Suction Lid Set
Package included:
  • 6pcs different size Silicone Bowl Wraps 

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