Alcohol Tester Analyzer LCD Display Portable + 12 Mouthpieces

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1The breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample and it is one of the most affordable breathalyzers available.
2It is used in a wide range of applications for clinical testing or personal use.
3. Its uses advanced semiconductor alcohol sensing technology to quickly take a breath sample and provide a blood alcohol content (BAC) estimate, digital alcohol test tool with audible alarm.
4The LCD graphic display will indicate how inebriated you are, whether it be dangerous (over 0.05% bac), unsafe (approx. 0.02% bac) or safe (under 0.02% bac).
5Displays ""caution"" when result is within 0.02% - 0.05%, displays ""danger"" when result equals to or higher than 0.05%.

1Sensitive and High Accuracy: This breath alcohol tester is used to measure concentration of the alcohol in human body.
With sensitive semi-conductor sensor, it can quickly give a result to judge whether you can drive or not.
2. Simple to use: No wires, no complicated accessories, just require 2 AA batteries, it is extremely easy to use. Just blow toward it, you can quickly get the result.
3. Lightweight: Palm-size, lightweight, you can take this breath alcohol tester wherever you go. Test your BAC at your will.
4. 20 Extra Mouthpieces: It is equipped with 20
5.Quick Response and Resume: Its reaction time is less than 5 seconds. It can quickly give you answer, a good helper in alcohol test.
6. Auto Power Off: It can automatically shut off when not in use so as to save power.

7.Key Chain: Equipped with a key chain, it can be easily carried. 

Color: Black
Material: ABS
LCD Display: Red LED backlight
Weight: 87.0g
Battery: 2x AAA batteries (included)
Sensor: advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor

1. It is recommended that you test after drinking for 45 minutes.
2. The distance between each test must be at least three minutes
3. Do not use benzene, gasoline or diet pills.
4. Do not allow any liquid to penetrate the sensor.

Package Include:

1 x Digital Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer 
12 x Mouthpieces 
2x AAA batteries


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