Anti Crease Shoes Shield Sneaker Shields Force Field Protector

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Tired of creasing your favorite sneaker whilst walking Prevent this from happening by using our sneaker shields !
Protects and prevents creases from forming on the toe box and surrounding areas of the shoe.
The vented 3D design allows for comfort with maximum protection and breathability.
No need to worry they will move while you are walking. The design makes sure it can stay stuck to the top of shoe firmly.
Durable and effective: Trainers look new after 100 wears.
The sneaker shields is cut able to fit your shoes better.
The designed ventilation holes keep the trainers dry and breathable, avoiding stuffiness and humidity.
Compatible with most shoes.

M:fit for EU 35-40
L:fit for EU 40-45

Package Included:

1 Pairs Shoes Protector

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