Anti Snoring Device Mini Electric CPAP Noise Sleep Apnea Stop Snore Aid Stopper

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  • TOP QUALITY This anti snore device is Natural and Comfortable Snore Relief for Men and Women which have an ergonomic shape and are designed to help you stop snoring, breath easily at night and sleep well. 

  • PERFECT BREATHING - Advanced Snore Stopper Strip has a modern design which is easy to get used to and which makes your breath easy letting the air freely get into your lungs avoiding you from snoring.  
  • FOR EVERYDAY USE - Reusable Nasal Dilators are made of high-quality materials and are designed to be used daily for a long time with a perfect result which is noticed the very first time you try them on.  
  • SAFE - Anti-Snoring Aid Sleep Device is made of durable and soft medical silicone, does not have any chemical smell, Non-toxic and is BPA & Phthalates-free providing good sleep and being absolutely safe.  
  • ANY PLACE - The Anti Snoring Solution is highly suggested while traveling, going from one place to another and sleeping on the plane as it really small and can be always at hand in your pocket.  


  • Anti snoring devices will help you control your breathing with no hint of snore or lack of air.

  • Snore relief nose vents are designed for daily use for your convenience and are really small to be always at hand so you can take them anywhere.

  • Anti snore vents are absolutely safe for you not having any chemical smell, being Non-toxic and BPA & Phthalates-free.

  • Anti snore stopper device guarantee the result from the first time you use them with no special efforts made from your side.

  • Anti-snoring vents are made of high-quality, durable and soft medical silicone and are good for both men and women.


  • Material: ABS+Silicone

  • Size: 60*25.2*39mm

Package include:

  • 1* anti snore device

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