Bike Taillight Warning Rear Light Night Cycling Clip Light

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LED Safety Light, Bike Tail Light, Clip on Running Light for Runners, Joggers, Pets, Bike, Walking & Bicycle Helmet, Warning Flashing Light with 3 Light Modes
This product is novel and compact, using 5 bright LEDs as the light source, the lighting effect is obvious, it saves electricity, and highlights the fashion trend and technological atmosphere. It is designed with an oval transparent lampshade, with a rounded feel and wide light emission.
Waterproof design: Borrowing the cabin-style waterproof compartment design concept, the functional LED components are enclosed in the lamp holder, and the battery compartment is built in the lamp body. The transparent lampshade and the shell are high-frequency sealed butt, which is not easy to fall off and avoid rain erosion; at the same time press the button, the switch is covered with swelling rubber, making it safe to ride in rainy days.
Three-function design: click to enter, click to shift: always on-fast flashing-slow flashing-off, meeting the lighting needs of various riding;
Battery installation: Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 4 screws on the back of the tail lamp, open the tail cover and press the positive and negative tips in the battery compartment, and insert 2 CR2032 batteries.
Multifunctional design: There are clips on the back of the product, which can be clipped on bicycles, belts, shoulders, backpacks, school bags and other personal items. At the same time, there are sticker straps, which can be tied to any place needed, such as helmets, arms, legs, bike, etc. When you run, ride, or race walking at night, it serves as a safety warning to protect your personal safety!


Function: There are three modes of lighting: Always on mode, flashing mode
Battery: 2 X conventional CR2032 electronics (installed)
Weight: about 20g
Size: (length X width X height) 56x28x18mm/2.2x1.1x0.71in
Color: Red

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