Car Battery Tester 12V LED Digital Display Analyzer Auto Battery Load Tester

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Ensure your vehicle's battery is always ready to go with this easy-to-use, portable and compact Battery Tester. Automotive and electric vehicle repair technicians will appreciate the clear, easy-to-read measured value display and the ability to detect if the connection is reversed before starting the generator.

Reverse Connection Alarm: The black clip is connected to the "-" and the red clip is connected to the "+". This car battery tester will alert you with a loud alarm and a flashing REVERSE indicator. The LED display also does not show any readings if the connection is reversed.
Clear Display: This car battery tester features an LED reverse display and backlight, which makes it easy to read the measured value in the night or dark place. It also has a convenient auxiliary measurement work function.
Fast and Accurate Testing: With high sensitivity and fast response, this car battery tester can measure the voltage, current, and health of your battery in seconds. It is easy and convenient to operate with a large screen and simple buttons. It is also portable and compact, so you can carry it anywhere.
Multi-Use: This car battery tester is a reliable and effortless tool for anyone who needs accurate, fast, and hassle-free battery testing. Perfect for home and business maintenance and repair, automotive repair industry, and automotive and electric vehicle repair technicians.
Easy to Use: Simply keep the tester properly connected to the battery terminals when testing, and the right LED indicator will light up, indicating the status of the generator. Then start the generator, and the LED display will show the output voltage.

Product size: about 12x7cm|4.72x2.75 inches
Material: ABS, copper-plated clamps
Product use: for testing 12V battery voltage or charging system voltage

1. Designed to test 12V battery voltage or charging system voltage
2. With LED display and LED battery status indicator.
3. Rubberized body with crocodile clips for connection.
4. With reverse connection and over-voltage protection.

Operating Instructions:
1. Connect red clips to the positive "+", and black clips to the negative "-", if the connection is reversed, the LED display will not show the battery status indicator, and the PEVERSC indicator will light up and alarm will be issued.
2. After the correct connection, the LED display will show the real-time voltage of the battery under test, and at the same time, the LED light will be on to indicate the battery status.
Battery status
3. When testing the generator charging system, please keep the tester and battery terminals correctly connected, and then start the generator, then the output voltage will be displayed on the LED display screen, and the right LED will light up to indicate the generator status.

Packing List:
1 x Car Battery Tester

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