Chicken Feeder Poultry Pro Feeder DIY Port PVC Gravity Fed Chicken Feeder

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Easy to install, make outdoor chicken feeder in one minute.

This PVC pipe feeder is covered and rainproof, with connecting seals to keep it dry.

Gravity automatic chicken feeder can feed continuously.

Compared with the traditional chicken feeder, this chicken feeder will reduce overflow and confusion.

Equipped with 4 chicken feeding mouths and 1 hole saw; Whether it's a bucket or a larger box, you can easily make an automatic chicken feeder.


Material: PP + stainless steel + silica gel

Color: White

Size: 9cm in diameter, 14cm in length

Package size: 24 * 21 * 9cm

Weight: 740g (4 ports + 1 swivel)

Package Included:

4 * Chicken Feeder

1 * Hole Saw (Red)

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