CPR Respiratory Mask Mouth to Mouth One-Way Valve Reusable First Aid Breath Mask

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 - The item has a ventilation inlet with One-way valve.
  - It is compacted in shape, can be placed into any first aid kit and carried easily.
  - Perfect for first aid training/ first aid rescue
  - The CPR Mask be packed in a heart pouch .
  - The inlet can be replaced。
  - Food-grade material
  - More than 10 years experience
  - Supply other first aid equipment(keychain CPR ,AED trainer....)

  Filter mouth diameter: 18 mm / 22.2m
  CPR mask size : 12cm *10 cm ( length * width)
  Box size : 14.5 cm * 11 cm (length *width)
  Weight: 114g
  Application : CPR First aid Training

Package Includes: 
  1pcs cpr mask

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