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  • Premium multitool garden gloves bring ease and fun into planting and
  • other garden job.
  • They combine features of 4 products: rake, shovel, hoe and garden gloves.
  • It is revolutionary simple way for gardening: you do not need to take all common tools with you, just use these gloves.
  • You will enjoy them very much while planting.
  • Combined garden gloves comfort and protection with usefulness of 4 garden tools
  • High quality protective coating saves your beautiful hands from direct contact with dirt, accidental cuts, scratches and pricks from thorns, sticks, broken nails and more
  • Durable ABS plastic claws make it easy and fun to dig, plant, rake and hoe
  • Natural latex rubber offers comfort and flexibility, breathable upper layer keeps your hands dry
  • Fits almost all people's hands because of the flexible materials
  • Easy to clean - simply flush with water and they are machine washable
  • Easy to store - versus 4 traditional bunch of garden tools
  • They make a great gift for your gardener friend or family member
  • Material: Rubber Latex + Polyester + ABS Plastic (claws)
  • Size: 9 x 5 x 1 inch
  • Colour: Green
Package Includes:                      
  • 1 Pair of Gloves (1 hand with claws)

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