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Flea traps household flea trapping lamps pets clearing fleas indoor trapping pests killing cockroaches lighting luring mosquitoes and flies can be installed with AAA batteries for outdoor portable useBed Bug, Moths, Mosquito, Fly, Ants, Cockroach, Odorless, Non-Toxic, Safe for Family

Main Features:

Easily and safely eliminate fleas, mites, bugs,cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, moths.pest...
Take advantage of insects’ phototaxis, thermotaxis.

Emit attractive light at different spectral frequency to seduce target insects.

Mode 1-2 target at fleas, moths, mites, bed bugs.pest...

Mode 3-4 target at mosquitoes, flies.pest...

Additional sticky boards prevent crawling insects escaping.

A wide range of applications, indoor and outdoor and pet nests.

Product Details: 

Working Voltage/Current : DC 5V/100-200mA

Power Supply :USB/No. 7 AAA battery

Length of power line:100CM
Mode 1-2 gear warm light : Fleas, Moths, Mites, Bedugs
Mode 3-4 gear cold light:Mosquitoes, Flies


1. One hand holds the bottom of the product, and the other holds the product cover with a clockwise knob to separate the cover from the chassis trap,Take out a piece of sticky board (included), tear the protective fifilmfrom it, then fix it on bottom of the trap.

2. Connect the product to a 5V power supply by USB power line(included), or choose to install 3 No. 7 dry batteries to power,choose working modes as you required.

3.Position the pest trap on pest surface where you see insects activity(or hang it on a rope where mosquitoes need to be trapped),don’t cover its light.



Mode 1: strong warm light to attract flfleas, mites, bugs, moths,pest

Mode 2: light warm light to attract flfleas, mites, bugs, moths,pest

Mode 3: strong purple light to attract mosquitoes, flflies,pest

Mode 4: light purple light to attract mosquitoes, flflies,pest

Turned off the light, the flfly trap can catch cockroaches, ants, bugs andother crawlers.



1. Cut off the pest trap from electricity when it is not in use.

2. Do not immerse the pest trap into water or other liquid.

3. Do not cover the pest trap when it’s working.a

4. Replace the sticky board when it’s pest with insects.

5. Please keep your pet and children away from the pest trap.

6. The pest trap can be connected to 5V power bank or mobile power.Or use No. 7 dry battery for power supply.


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