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5 in 1 design:
This hair dryer brush, with 5 brushes attached, is a combination of multiple hairdressing instruments. It can act as a hairdryer, a hair straightener, a hair curler, and a hair volumizer. Like a hairdryer, it can quickly dry your hair with strong wind; as a hair straightener, it can straighten your hair with less frizz; as a hair curler, it can be used to curl your hair and add its volume; as a hair volumizer, it can volumize your hair from its end.
PTC heating technology:
Perming with inconstant temperature is likely to cause the hair to lose its moisture, and even cause hair follicle damage. We use PTC heating technology on our hairbrushes, enabling the brushes to instantly heat up and keep the temperature constant, thus protecting your hair to a great extent.
Variable temperature:
To suit all your hairdressing needs, we provide you with up to 3 temperatures. Level 1, a moderate temperature, is for gentle drying and styling. Level 2, a high temperature, is for fast drying and styling. Level 3, the highest temperature, is for faster drying and styling.
High rotation speed:
We adopt a powerful motor in the handpiece. When activated, it can generate an ultra-high rotation speed, producing a strong wind to quickly dry your hair and reduce nutrient loss. With its help, you can easily lock the moisture and luster of your hair.
Double-layer filter:
Have you ever experienced hair being sucked into a dryer? This phenomenon is very common, especially for people with long hair. However, with this double-layer design, your hairdressing process becomes ultra-safe and you no longer have to fear that pain.
This product is equipped with 5 brushes of 4 models to fit your daily hairdressing needs. The round brush is used to add volume and shape to the hair; the firm smoothing brush can be used to make a straighter style with less frizz; the pre-styling dryer can help to prepare your hair for further styling; the two barrels are used to make voluminous curls and waves. 


Color: Gray and Purple
Plug: AU
Voltage: 220-240V
Power: 1000W
1 Gear 60-63 degrees, 2 Gears 96-98 degrees, 3 Gears 136-140 degrees
Power supply mode: AC
Heat Conductor Material: Alloy
Applicable hair: wet and dry  

Package Included:

1 x Handpiece
1 x Round brush
1 x Firm smoothing brush
1 x Pre-styling dryer
2 x Barrel brush
1 x Manual
Align a brush with the grooves in the handpiece.
Rotate clockwise until you hear a "click".
Plugin the power cord.
Push the switch/heat button to start and adjust the temperature.

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