Free shipping- 200pc Spring Assortment Set Zinc Plated Steel Compression & Extension Carburetor

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The 200 pieces assortment set contains 20 of the most commonly used sizes.
Repair your auto, small engine and home tools with this essential assortment set.
Both compressed and extended springs are included to cover a variety of repair work.
Each piece is made of zinc plated spring steel for durability and corrosion resistance.
This set is packed in a transparent plastic case for easy transportation and organization.

Package Include:

1. 1x re-sealable plastic case

2. Compression springs Extension springs:

  • 7x12.5mm 10pc 5x20.5mm 10pc
  • 6.50x10mm 10pc 5.5x25.5mm 10pc
  • 5.5x17mm 10pc 6.5x22mm 10pc
  • 9.50x16mm 6pc 8x28.5mm 8pc
  • 9.50x19mm 12pc 8x31.5mm 10pc
  • 9x35mm 8pc 8.5x47mm 12pc
  • 5.50x38mm 10pc 8x44.5mm 12pc
  • 7x19mm 10pc 7x51mm 12pc
  • 4x79.5mm 12pc
  • 4.5x44.5mm 8pc
  • 7x38mm 10pc
  • 8.5x36.5mm 10pc

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