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Title: 2x White Stripe
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1. Material: Made of high quality Silicone,a kind of thermoplastic rubber material, eco-friendly,  non-fading,non-stain,durable,heat-resistant. Safe and non-toxic, it can be in direct contact with food. 

2. Heat resistant: This product is resistant to high temperatures and can be used to place high-temperature items to avoid scalding the table.

3. Good flexibility:The table mat can be bent and folded and is not easy to break.

4. Anti-slip: The good anti-slip effect of this table mat can safely put all kinds of tableware.

5. Hollow-carved design: The hollow design of the table mat is eco-friendly and can be used for heat dissipation or hanging storage.

6. Can be used in splicing:Neatly cut geometric patterns allow multiple table mats to be pieced together into a large-area table mat, increasing the protection area of the table top.

7. Occasions: Suitable for restaurant, kitchen, home and hotel decoration. 

100% Brand new & High quality

Color:As picture

Material: Silicone

Number: CU0085

Size: Length*Width:14*15.5cm

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