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Product Name: enchant Shaver
Product model: Blackstone
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 5V
Charging time: 60 minutes
Product net weight: 139g
Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005GB4706.9-2008
Features: 3D floating cutter head charging 1 hour battery life 2 months | smart anti-pinch
*Manual measurement, the size will be slightly different due to different measurement methods.


Electric Shaver BlackStone.
3D Floating Cutter Head
Endurance for 2 Months
Smart Anti-pinch Shaving

3D Independent Floating Cutter Head
Smooth and shaved without dead ends
Blackstone Provides 3 independent floating heads
which add one-third more shaving area than a normal
double-head razor to accommodate different face contours

Ultra-thin Double Ring Cutter Net
High Efficient Shaving No Stubble
The cutter net and blades are double-loop design which greatly increases the contact area between the cutter and the face to improves the shaving efficiency.Ultra-thin cutter improve the high-efficiency shaving.

Package included:

1 Set Electric Shaver

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