Hex Handle Quick Change Joint 1/4 Electric Hand Drill Big Head Pop-up Rod Bar

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1. High quality material: made of high-quality carbon steel, it can achieve durability and support in daily use, so as to quickly switch tasks and maintain stable work.

2. Anti slip round handle: comfortable large spherical handle, anti-skid design, easy to operate by one hand. Press to release the pop-up drill bit and realize quick replacement in one second.

3. Connecting screw extractor: single head screw extractor can be connected quickly. Double head screw extractor is only suitable for 0-3 specification. It is not possible to install extractor No. 4 larger than the opposite diameter of 6.35mm.

4. Universal 1 / 4 hexagonal handle: suitable for clamping electric drill chuck without quick function. The clamping diameter of chuck must be greater than 6.35mm. After the connection is stable, it is convenient to replace the accessories of electric tools with hexagonal handle.

5. Wide range of application: the quick connector can be used for charging drill, electric drill and electric tool. It can be used for deck construction, wood frame, plywood floor, building crates, etc.


Material: Metal

Length: 60mm/2.36''

Extension rod diameter: 1 / 4 "(6.35mm)

Package Includes:

1 X Hex Shank Connecting Rod 

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