Insect Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Reject Flea Tick Lice Repeller

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Portable electronic insect repellent - Based on physical principles, this device uses electronic simulation technology to achieve the effect of repelling ticks, fleas and lice.

By emitting ultrasonic waves that can stimulate the brains and nerves of ticks, fleas and lice, it can't stand it and leave it far away.

19.5-135KHz (8-band ultrasonic intelligent frequency conversion) ultrasonic physically repels ticks, fleas, lice and mosquitoes, no chemicals, and safe repellent.

The intelligent frequency conversion chip can control the emission of the ultrasonic generator, 8 different ultrasonic wave bands and intelligently switch different band frequencies randomly, which can prevent ticks and fleas from adapting quickly.

This product does not contain any chemical ingredients, does not contain allergens, can be worn at all ages and periods, and is safe for people and petsWith dazzling aurora light waves, your pet is always in your eyes, even if you walk the dog without a cord at night, you don’t have to worry about not seeing your pet in the dark, thereby reducing the chance of getting lost

Wide applicable scenes:An essential item for all outdoor activities, especially for camping, hunting, mountaineering, running, hiking and so on.More safe for child and petThis repellent is 100% safe and effective. Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and household pets. Environmental friendly alternative to harmful and dangerous



1nd gear: Tap the switch once to turn it on and start to emit 19.5-135kHZ intelligent frequency conversion ultrasonic physical drive (light performance: red and blue lights alternately turn on breathing lights);

2: Press the switch twice to activate and launch the 19.5-135kHZ intelligent sweeping ultrasonic physical drive

(Light performance: red and blue warning flashing lights, so that pets are always in the eye, reducing the chance of getting lost, and increasing night safety); charging light performance: charging red light, fully charged to green light;



Material: ABS

Product size: 33x14x46mm/1.3x0.55x1.81in

Product color: White, Black

Input: 5V / 1-2A

Rated power: 0.008-0.015W

Working current: 2-3.5mA

Acoustic frequency: 19.5-135KHz

Effective range: outdoor 3-10m/9.84-32.8ft, indoor 10-80 square meters

Battery type: Polymer lithium battery (100mAh)



1 XUltrasonic insect repellent

1 X Charging Cable  

1 X Hook  

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