LED Light Bucket With Lid Ashtray Ash Cigarette Butt Rubbish Car Tray

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  • Oval Off smoke hole is easy to put into the folded cigarette, and it will automatically extinguish after throwing into the cigarette butts.
  • Double heat resistant structures.
  • Solar power blue LED light on when the cover is opened.
  • Large fire surface, easier to extinguish the fire, limiting the amount of oxygen in the ashtray, for promoting natural fire.
  • Color: BlackColor: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: approx. 9.0cm (Height), 6.6cm (Diameter) 
  • Note:
  • Do not install the location where impede airbags process and driving operation.
  • Make sure the cigarette has been extinguished when leaving the vehicle.
  • Do not put other items except the butts.
  • Do not pour into water and other liquids, it may leak. 
Package Content 
  •    1 x Black Ashtray

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