LOCBONDSO Alloy Wheel Repair Adhesive Kit Silver For Rim Dent Damage Scratch Universal

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 Easy resistant to 130C.

  100%  Brand New and High Quality

  Alloy wheel repair kit works on the curb damage,scratches,slight dents, installation damages, sanding marks and other damage to wheel

  Added value-vibration,carwash resistant.

  DIY alloy wheel repair kit is designed to permanently repair curb damages,scratches, slight dents, installation damages,sanding marks and       other damages to alloy wheels, synthetic wheels, steel rims and hubcaps, and many moreon similar surfacematerial.

  Fix scuffs and scratches in 30 minutes.


1.Permanent repair

2.Easy maintenance

3.Heat to 130 ° C

4.Resistant to washing

Use effect:dilute the traces of the wheel surface,the vehicle looks more beautiful


Package Includes: 

 âˆ?1*6ml repair glue

√ Â?1*Silver Paint 5ml

√ Â?2*gloves

√ Â?2*cleaner

 √ Â?*Sanding File

 √ Â?*Spatula

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