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1. Unlimited distance real time tracking.With -fast network, our GPS Tracker offers a great way to track vehicles, teens, spouses,pets,seniors,luggage and all other valuables.
2.Also provides covert real-time tracking with up to 5-second updates through mobile, PC or web app. Tracks INDOOR AND OUTDOOR.
3.Stay connected with long battery life for up to 2 weeks with high-speed updates. This GPS portable tracker has a built-in extended  Li-Polymer battery which lasts up to 14+ days.

4.Tracking, Alerts & Smart Notifications: Revolutionary technology works indoors & outdoors. For outdoors. When indoors,  listens to nearby Wi-Fi routers , matching IDs to database for accurate location.

5.Mainly used for tracking Luggage, Assets; Kids, Baby, Elderlys' safe tracking.


Material: Plastic     
GPS positioning accuracy: 500 m
Dimensions: 35*20*14 mm
Battery type: polymer battery
Battery life: 350 h
Waterproof function: None
Antenna type: AGPS/LBS
External power source: built-in battery

Package including:

1XGPS Tracker

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