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Remove Top from Herb Mill.

Remove thoroughly dry herbs from their stem and place into either side of the Insert.

Replace Top into the Body.

Firmly grip the Body with one hand and the Top with the other hand. Hold the Herb Mill over a container to collect the herbs.

While gently applying downward force, twist the Top in a back-and-forth motion. A built-in stop will let you know when to change directions.

Care and Cleaning: 

While the entire Herb Mill is dishwasher safe, it is recommended to disassemble the parts to effectively clean all components.

Remove Top from Herb Mill. Rinse Herb Mill to remove any leftover herbs from the unit.

Hold the Herb Mill with the blades facing upward. Squeeze the two tabs on the sides of the Body with one hand. With the other hand, turn the Locking Ring counter-clockwise until it is free from the Herb Mill.

Using extreme caution, remove the Rotating Blade and the Stationary Blade.

Remove the Insert from the Body. The parts are ready for cleaning. Assembly Process: Put insert into body and install Stationary Blade first. 



Material: ABS & stainless steel

Item size: approx.17 x 7cm/6.29 x 2.75inch

Package Include:

1 X Spice Mill Parsley Shredder

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