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1. LCD display: This pedometer makes your life more sporty. A practical pedometer with LCD display can count your steps, measure the calories burned and the distance covered.
2. Two options: metric and imperial, automatically shut down. 100% 12 hours automatic shaker to test the accuracy of our pedometer. Tracks up to 99999 steps and indicating a driving distance of 999.99 KM / 999.99 miles.
3. Ultra-light and portable: The ultra-light pedometer weighs only about 25g and is equipped with a safety non-slip buckle clip, so that you can easily carry it while walking, running or jogging, and it will not fall off easily.
4. Precise counting and automatic shutdown: Every activity is accurately recorded, and you can get accurate results. If no motion data is detected within 4 minutes, it will automatically shut down, save power intelligently, the historical data will be automatically saved, and the accumulation will be restored the next time it is used.
5. Ideal for most sports: The pedometer is an ideal choice for athletes or hikers, and also suitable for professionals who are engaged in sedentary work. A pedometer can increase your desire to run or help you lose weight.

Material: ABS
Size: about 6.5*5.4*2.5cm
Net weight: about 25g
Display: LCD liquid crystal display
Step counting range: 5-99999STEP
Calories: 999.99KCAL
Distance calculation: 999.99KM
Battery: removable AG10*1PCS (built-in)
Automatic shutdown: no vibration signal for 4min, automatic shutdown
Suitable for scenes: fitness, running, hiking, climbing, traveling, hiking, etc.

1. Can be cleaned with a clean soft cloth, or wiped with a small amount of neutral detergent and then dried with a dry cloth;
2. The use of thin materials, volatile gasoline, spray or decontamination devices is absolutely prohibited.

Package included:
1 X Pedometer Walking Step Counter with Battery

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