Portable Electric Fruit Juicer Smoothie Blender Rechargeable USB Travel Bottle

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1. This juicer is made of edible grade plastic shell and stainless steel blade, sturdy, durable, anti-corrosion, rust proof, non-toxic, and safe.
2. Wireless portable juice cup, eliminating the hassle of thread entanglement. Enjoy fresh juice anytime, anywhere.
3. Six-blade design, with delicate and even cutting. High power motor with fast rotation speed.
4. Magnetic induction design, super safe for use and cleaning. When the body separates from the bottom of the machine, the juice cup stops working.
5. Equipped with a built-in 1200mAh battery, this juice mixer can be easily charged through USB, making it suitable for home and office use.

Material: Edible grade plastic shell+stainless steel blade
Color: Blue
Capacity: 400 ML
Input: DC5V-1A DC5V-1A
Battery voltage: 5V-1200mAh
Rated power: 40W
Size: 100mmx 100mmx 220mm
Weight: 450 grams

Package List:
Juicer * 1
Cup * 2
USB cable * 1

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