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Specially formulated appetising rat and mice bait in crumble form to kill rats and mice. Its attractiveness and effectiveness have been proven by years of application in the poultry and pig industries where abundant alternative foodstuffs are available.

Here’s a 5 point check list for the ideal rodent bait.

  1. Be fatal in small amounts, and should be capable of wiping out the whole nest. Not just a few rodents!
  2. The prepared bait should be more attractive to the rats and mice than grain or other stored feedstuffs available.
  3. The manner of death should not be sudden or violent and thus arouse suspicion of the surviving rats and mice.
  4. The poison should not be lethal to non-target species such as humans or domestic animals.
  5. Kill rats and mice slowly, ensuring other rats and mice are not alerted to the bait.

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