Red Laser Test Pen Voice Broadcast Voltage Detector Tester Meter Tool

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Alarm mode: sound and light alarm + voice
Probe: transparent NCV sensing head
Flashlight: white LED lighting
Indicator light: red laser light
AC voltage range: about 12~1000V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Battery: 2 AAA batteries (with batteries)
Package list:Measuring pen * 1
1. Human voice broadcast function, measurement real-time broadcast makes electricity measurement more convenient
2. Red laser positioning and power checking is more convenient
3. Line breakpoint detection is quick to use
4. Intelligent zero live line identification red screen live line / green screen zero line
5. The five-level sensitivity adjustment is a step further in intelligence
6. The bright display screen makes reading data more convenient and detection efficiency higher, which is conducive to accurate measurement of lines and clear screen values in dark environments
7. Let you no longer be afraid of invisible measurement position in a dark environment, and eliminate the risk of electric shock
8. High sensitivity sensor head. Durable and not easy to break
9. Automatic shutdown: If the test pen is not operated within about 5 minutes and no voltage signal is detected, the test pen will automatically shut down, saving power and worry!
10. Humanized pen clip: When not measuring, the pen clip on the back can be hung on the clothes at any time, and it is more convenient to carry with you

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