Sprayer Booster Faucet Water Filter Showers Head Bath Purifier Tap Bubbler with Extra Filter Element

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Material: ABS
Thin air pressurization, powerful flushing
Valve seat diameter: 4CM
Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc.
Extender Size: Approx. 4x7.5cm/1.57x2.95inch
With filter element, in addition to impurities, silt
Style: Faucet Extender
Diameter of water inlet and outlet pipe: 2.2cm inside
1. Purifies Water using Filter effectively.
The PP cotton element and Calcium sulfite balls can remove residual chlorine. Rust, sand and other impurities removal.
2. 3 shower Modes can be switched.
it can effectively increase the water pressure, flushes powerfully and prevent splashing, and saves water.
3. 360 degrees can be rotated, flushing without dead ends.
4. The filter element can be replaced.

When used for a period of time, the filter element will turn yellow and black, please replace it in time.

Package Includes:
1x Faucet Extender
1x Extra Filter element

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