Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Reject Mouse Rat Mosquito Insect Control

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  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller-Your Personal Guard for Pest Control
  • Our Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is an upgraded version that uses ultimate ultrasonic technology to repel bugs, mice, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, ants, and mice by keeping them away from the sound source while being safe for humans and pets. Simply plug our electronic pest repeller into an outlet to force pests out of your home, no more cleaning up dead insects and pests!
  • The safest pest control solution - our upgraded indoor ultrasonic pest repeller, ultrasonic waves can act on the hearing and nervous systems of mice, rats and insects, making them feel unpleasant and uncomfortable and forcing them to leave your home. Outdoor pests and insects will no longer appear.
  • Safe, eco-friendly, chemical-free and highly effective - our ultrasonic pest repellers leave no nasty dead insects or mice behind for you to deal with. The machine emits ultrasonic frequencies that are inaudible to humans and pets. Safe for children, families and pets.
  • Large coverage area - Ultrasonic insect repellent can effectively cover an area of 100~150 square meters. This product is widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, rooms, gardens, hotels, etc. Please note that ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate walls and we recommend installing one in each room.
  • Easy to use and eliminates all types of rodents and insects - plug into a regular electrical outlet, the light comes on, this time the machine starts working and watch the pests disappear! Please install our product to a socket about 20~30cm from the ground.

Project specifications:

  • Get rid of bugs, ants, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, rats, etc.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Standard wall socket
  • For indoor use only
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 20~55KHZ
  • Power supply: AC90~220(V)
  • Power: 5W
  • Effective coverage area: 100-150 square meters

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