Wire Stripper Crimping Tool Electrical Cable Cutter Pliers Terminal Copper

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1. Made of high-quality environmentally friendly material ABS, exquisite workmanship, easy to carry, and the inner spring is light and labor-saving, strong and durable.

2. High-quality blades, adopting a dual-blade design with a mold base, which can strip multiple specifications of coaxial cables (RG58/59/62/6/3C2V/4C/5C), and strip the outer insulation, shielded conductors and insulated conductors once The performance is complete, easy to use, and high-quality wear-resistant blades have a long service life.

3. With a hexagonal wrench, the depth of the blade can be adjusted easily and arbitrarily. According to the cable specification, the adjustment screw can control the cutting depth of the blade to avoid accidental damage to the cable.

4. Bracelet design, stripping light, easy to work, lightly rotating can be flat stripping. 



Package included:

1pc x Cable Stripper

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