Wireless Air Pump Portable Car Pump Tire Inflator 150PSI Electric Bike Pump

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1.Automatic Air Pump: The electric bike pump is equipped with a high-precision alloy cylinder, which can pressurize to 10.3 Bar/150 PSI easily and fast. It just takes 40 seconds to inflate a 26-inch mountain bike tire to 45 PSI. No hassle of manual inflation.

2.LCD Digital Display & LED Lighting Function: The tire inflator has a digital LCD large screen, which can be read 360 degrees without blind spots. The LED lighting function helps you operate freely in the dark, and can also be used as emergency lighting.

3.4000mAh Rechargeable Batteries & Small Body: This mini air pump is equipped with 2*2000mAh rechargeable batteries, so it is cordless and portable, ready to go anywhere. The air compressor is of small size(3.3inch x 5.4inch) and light weight(400 g), which is very convenient to store in your handbag and easy to carry, whether you drive your car or ride a bike. 

4.4 Optional Units: You can switch between 4 different units with one click (Psi, Kpa, Bar, Kg/cm2), and it also has 4 inflation modes to choose from.

5.Powerful and Widely Used: It is not only suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, medium-sized SUVs, but also for balls and other inflatable items. The sufficient power can replenish 4 car tires and fill 10 motorcycles tires, 20 mountain bike tires and 60 footballs.

6.No Over-inflation: Preset tire pressure value first, and then the air pump will automatically stop inflating once it reaches your preset pressure value, so you don't have to stare at the LCD screen all the time, and don't worry about over-inflation.


Type: Wireless Air Pump
Size: 8.5 * 13.7cm/ 5.4 * 3.3in
Weight: 420g/ 14.8oz
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Input Voltage: 7.4V
Output Power: 70W
Inflation Range: Max. 150PSI
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh*2

1.This item is NOT suitable for balloons, toy balls, swimming rings, trucks, large trucks, buses, etc.
2.Before use, please make sure that the battery is fully charged.
3.Please forbid children to use this electric tire pump.
4.It is normal that the machine and the hose heat up when it has worked for a long time.
5.The continuous inflation time should not be too long. It is recommended to let the machine rest for a while after 10 minutes.

Package Included:
1 * Host
1 * Air Tube
1 * USB Cable
3 * Nozzle
1 * User Manual

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